牵一发而动全身??qiān yī fà ér dòng quán shēn







  • 牵一发而动全身观一斑而见全豹。
    Pull one hair and move watch one spot all over and see whole picture.

  • 可以说是牵一发而动全身
    Can be said to be far-reaching.

  • 人生如棋,瞬息万变/牵一发而动全身
    Life is like a game of Chess, changing with each move.

  • 试着去寻找一个牵一发而动全身的领域。
    Try to find an area that will cause a tipping point .

  • 中国美术史研究是国学的一支,牵一发而动全身
    Study of the history of Chinese art is a Guoxue, far-reaching.

  • 亚洲经济的动摇难免会出现牵一发而动全身的状况。
    Asia's economic shake the will inevitably arise out of and led by the dynamic state of the body.

  • 所以,土地市场的变化无疑会“牵一发而动全身”。
    Therefore, the change will undoubtedly land market "with wide-ranging implications."

  • “这是一个牵一发而动全身的问题,”这位人士表示。
    "That was the issue that gave rise to the whole thing, " the person said.

  • 然而,更深看,牵一发而动全身,这绝非果汁那么简单。
    However, look deeper, far-reaching, that was not as simple as fruit juice.

  • 一个部位微小的移动可能影响整个形势。/牵一发而动全身
    A slight move in one part may affect the whole situation.

  • 牵一发而动全身”的房地产行业,其发展势头为基金高度关注。
    "Affect" the real estate industry, the development momentum of great concern for the Fund.

  • 由于产业供应链环环相扣,任何一个环节出问题将牵一发而动全身
    Since the industrial supply chains are all linked with one another, any links go wrong would inflict the partners.

  • 俗话说,牵一发而动全身,如此大变动必定给上海房地产带来影响。
    As the saying goes, with wide-ranging implications, so big changes will impact on the Shanghai property.

  • 入世后,“三农”命运如何,确是一个牵一发而动全身的重大问题。
    After entering a life, "3 farming " destiny how, it is a major problem that pull one hair and uses the whole body truly.

  • 做活一个点,照亮一大片,牵一发而动全身。这就是“点式效应”的生动写照。
    Looming a point will light up a bulk , which is the living picture of so called "congregate effect".

  • 这将对电源、电网、用户乃至地方政府之间的原有利益格局产生冲击,牵一发而动全身
    This will be right the original interest structure between power source, electrified wire netting, user and even local government produces impact, pull one hair and use the whole body.

  • 可以说,生涯教育具有牵一发而动全身之效应,它给日本高等教育带来的影响是多方面的。
    As it were, the career education is extremely important, it brings influence to Japanese higher education headed up in the university in many ways.

  • 听起来容易,但真正实施起来,却又会牵一发而动全身,因此,必须用思变的眼光去看待问题。
    It sounds so easy, but to implement will come down to many facets. Therefore, we must treat problems by many methods.

  • 实践证明,研究性学习和研究型课程的探索对我国基础教育改革起着牵一发而动全身的关键作用。
    As practice has proved, the exploration of inquiry learning and courses plays key effect that one hair pulls and the whole body moves to basic educational reform of our country.

  • 信息网络化这种牵一发而动全身的作用,使它能够肩负起带动整个工商行政管理事业发展的重任。
    Information networks such one which will affect the whole body, it can take up to drive the entire administration for industry and commerce development of the cause.

  • 牵一发而动全身,不仅适用于中国经济和外部的关系,同样适用于中国国内各“动力”主体之间。
    Pulls one round to move the whole body, is not only suitable for the Chinese economy and the exterior relations, similarly is suitable for China domestic each "the power" between the main body.

  • 能源价格改革,牵一发而动全身,是顾及通胀还是与国际接轨,可能都是决策者不得不衡量的利弊。
    Energy price reform, far-reaching, or inflation is taken into account with international practice, policy-makers are likely to have to measure the pros and cons.

  • 抓项目就是牵一发而动全身,整个经济工作就能调动起来。要学会利用项目牵动,项目推动,项目联动。
    Catching a project is pull one hair and use the whole body, whole economy job can be brought into play rise.

  • 解决好中国农业问题将牵一发而动全身,或将是中国发展走出困局的唯一选择,亦到了非解决不可的时候。
    Solve the problem of China's agriculture will be far-reaching, or the development of China will be the only option out of their predicament, but also to non-solution.

  • 以目前的形势来看,危机已将各国紧密联系在一起,牵一发而动全身同舟共济才是走出危机的有效途径。
    To the current situation, the crisis countries have been closely linked to far-reaching, in the same boat is out of the crisis in an effective way.

  • 利率市场化改革至关重要,牵一发而动全身,将对各类金融机构,特别是商业银行今后的发展产生深刻的影响。
    The interest rate liberalization is essential, and will have an important influence on all kinds of financial institutions, especially the development of commercial banks in the future.

  • 在做不见得光的事情时,动用的关系网越大,只会为自己埋下更大的危机,到时牵一发而动全身,被人一网打尽
    When you are doing something bad, the more people you involve, the more danger you will face. Once a person fails , the whole group will follow.

  • 但是,随着其他市场不断成熟完善以及资本在全球流动更加畅通无阻,这种牵一发而动全身的影响在以其他的方式传播。
    But as other markets mature and capital moves more fluidly across the globe, the risk of infection spreading the other way grows.

  • 今年贺岁档大片云集,在排片发行上如何兼顾大家的利益,确实成了一个很令人头痛的问题,所有片子都是牵一发而动全身
    New Year this year, gathered in a large file, in film row issuance on how to balance the interests of everyone, reallyhasbecome a headache for all films are far-reaching.

  • 优点:能提降低各模块的之间的联系,减少“牵一发而动全身”的几率,提高开发效率,降低升级维护成本,也便于进行单元测试,提高软件质量。
    reduce the rate of" one change makes all change", improve develop efficiency, reduce maintenance cost, and also is good for unit test, and then improve quality.

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